On the Kit Select screen in Division Rivals, the timer could freeze for the player who confirmed their selection if their opponent was still selecting a kit FUT 23 Coins .When accessing the Transfer Market tab on the Squad screen and viewing the Search Results as a list, Bid Status Icons did not display.Some text incorrectly overlapped other UI elements when the My Playlist tile was selected on the FUT Friendlies screen.

During Friendlies matches, the in-game Game Settings screen would incorrectly list the ball being currently used.Stadium Themes based on real world teams did not always apply correctly to in-game ad boards.The FIFA Playtime FIFA Points limit exceeded message would not display until the limit was exceeded a second time.The Live FUT Friendlies UI did not always display the correct visuals when the tile was selected.

Managers were incorrectly wearing team kits during matches and other scenes.When changing the sorting in the Transfer Hub and Squad Hub, the UI did not automatically scroll back to the top.In Player Career, the Virtual Pro was sometimes not receiving loan and transfer offers.When entering the Transfer Hub through a News story and attempting to sign a player, a stability issue could occur.

After claiming FUT Coins from Team Event Objectives, the overall FUT Coin total did not increase until FUT was exited and re-entered.The correct amount of FUT Coins was being claimed, this issue only impacted when the display of the overall total would increase.When a previously locked Objective group was unlocked, it continued to display as locked until the player exited and re-entered FUT buying FIFA 23 Coins .The Co-Op widget could stop responding after the Pricing filter was used during a Transfer Market search.